Power Solutions For Home

The Home UPS cum UPS that we offer which based on advance technologies having the exceptional features for completely eliminating the need to have a seperate backup system in home by providing extended backup to computer as well as home appliances during power cut.

Features at a glance

  • Cost and space saving using one system instead of two systems (Home UPS and UPS).
  • Longer backup for computers and highly sensetive & critical equipments as compared to normal UPS with full safety.
  • Generator compatible.
  • Extended overload capacity (upto 30%)
  • Uninterrupted power supply to Home appliances (TV, Setup box, lights, Fans etc) and Computers as well.
  • Life of appliances like TV, Tube lights, CFL etc. increased due no time gap (Startup Delay) between power cut and resumption of backup power.


Shopping Malls



Corporate Office

Academic Institution


Residential Apartments etc.

Technical Specification

Description 650 VA | 800 VA | 1000 VA | 1200 VA | 1500 VA | 2000 VA
Type 1 Phase input - 1 Phase output
Back-up Mode Out put wave Form: QUASI SINE WAVE
Normal Battery Voltage 12 VDC | 12/24 V DC | 24 VDC | 24/36 VDC
Output Power factor 0.8
No Load O/P Voltage 220 V +/- 5 VAC
O/P Frequency 50 Hz +/- 1Hz
Maximum No Load Batt Current 1.1 A +/- 0.2 A
Mains Mode
Max. Charging Current 7 to 10A+/- 1A Adjustable
Normal Mode
Input Voltage Range 140 V to 280 V AC +/- 10V AC
Change Over Time (Main to Home UPS) < 10ms
Change Over Time (UPS to Mains) < 5ms
UPS Mode
Input Voltage Range 180 V to 260 V AC +/- 5V AC
Change Over Time (Main to Home UPS) < 10ms
Change Over Time (UPS to Mains) < 10ms
Overload, Output Short, Deep Battery Discharge, Charging Circuit Failure, MOSFET Circuit Failure
Reverse Polarity Protection, Feedback Circuit Failure
Environmental Parameters
Operating Temperature 0-45 Deg. C
Accounting Noise at / Mtr. < 45DB
Relative Humidity Max 95% non-conditioning
Thermal Management Integrated Cooling (Fan & HeatSinle)
WARRANTY 3+2 Years
Note: Technical Specification can be changed without any prior notification. for current technical specification please contact company's representative.